About Recover Strong...

Introducing a tranformative approach to treatment

As a therapist in a new town with a treatment center on every corner it did not take long to realize the patient experience was lacking and the mental health industry was lacking. The patients were lacking engagement, and buy-in and most importantly they were missing out on a transformative experience.

The industry appeared antiquated and absent innovation. The purpose behind the creation and the application of Recover Strong is to bring something effective, engaging and powerful to the patient experience.

For the industry, Recover Strong brings innovation and offers providers and practitioners a new platform to deliver a transformative experience.


Exercise Can...

  • Improve the brain's ability to generate new cells (neurogenesis) and create new pathways

  • Provide a natural high, an alternative to risk-taking behaviors such as gambling or substance use

  • Dramatically decrease stress in an individual

  • Function as prevention for cognitive deterioration

  • Powerfully impact mood disorders such as depression & anxiety both short term and long term

  • Enhance social interaction, self-esteem, motivation and improve on individual's self-perception