Adopting Recover Strong

How can Recover Strong help your facility?

Recover Strong was created to bring something innovative, effective and powerful to the mental health space. Recover Strong was originally developed for people who suffer from addiction. It has since been designed to be an effective treatment model that can address anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, and other mental health and developmental issues. Recover Strong’s mission is to demonstrate participants just how capable and strong they really are. Recover Strong allows participants to rewrite the destructive narrative’s that often hold them back from their true potential. Recover Strong transforms negative core beliefs, and shatters low self-worth while annihilating low self-esteem.For those who suffer with mental health issues Recover Strong has proven to be an effective, innovative and powerful intervention for self destructive behaviors and mental health issues.

If you own or represent a mental health program, school, or treatment center that is not invested in the experience of those you serve Recover Strong is not for you. Recover Strong is for dedicated programs committed to the success and well being of those they are responsible for.

Recover Strong makes it possible to simultaneously provide therapy from the “top” down and “bottoms” up approaches. It seamlessly brings together the often over used and cliche concept of mind, body, spirit. Recover Strong has proven to dramatically improve cognitive retention, reduce distractions and improve the overall experience of treatment. Recover Strong has the capacity to not only support but enhance the clinical experience. This, in turn, has multiple benefits both to the client as well as to the treatment facility including;

  • Increased client retention

  • In community based programs Recover Strong dramatically improves positive peer culture

  • Better treatment experience means more investment

  • Increases capacity for processing

  • Approaches transformation with a “can do” empowerment perspective not a traditional deficit “what is wrrong” with me point of view.

If you have questions regarding the steps to take to incorporate Recover Strong into your program don’t hesitate to reach out to us. One of our skilled professionals will be glad to walk you through the process.




Introduce The Model

By becoming a partner Recover Strong can be implemented into your existing treatment program.

Staff Training

Teaching The Teachers

We will train your current staff so that they are well-versed in the lingo

Ongoing Education

Staying Current With The Science

Our program helps provide on going educational credits for your clinical staff (CEU's)

Recover Strong Can...

  • Strengthen and build your community culture, creating more meaningful and powerful connections among members

  • Enhance client understanding and assimilation of addiction brain science

  • Provide clients with new skills to support self regulation

  • Improve retention rates

  • Powerfully improve client engagement in therapy

  • Reduce dispute behaviors that negatively impact group therapy

  • Build and elevate client motivation to pursue recovery

  • Dramatically enhance your client's overall treatment experience